Mimotek b.v. was founded in January 2002 by two ex-employees of Adobe Systems Europe. Before starting Mimotek they had worked together for more than 10 years supporting major worldwide publishing and printing companies in the use of Adobe PostScript and PDF technologies.

Always ahead of the curve, in 2003 Mimotek developed a prototype portable newspaper reader app running on a tablet PC. This application won a Seybold Editors’ Hot Picks award.

Since then Mimotek has concentrated on developing its PDF technology in cooperation with clients including:

  • Associated Newspapers 
  • European Commission
  • Grupo Godo
  • Independent News & Media
  • Infopaq Deutschland 
  • Knipsel Info Service
  • Newspaper Licensing Authority
  • PcM Uitgevers
  • ShopLocal
  • Unicepta Gesellschaft für Medienanalyse

Today Mimotek Structuriser software is in worldwide use, producing thousands of clippings every day.

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