Mimotek develops software tools that manipulate the content of PDF documents in production environments

Mimotek’s involvement with PDF dates back to the format’s introduction by Adobe Systems more than 20 years ago. This unrivalled depth of experience, combined with the fact that Mimotek’s software is built around software libraries licensed from Adobe, allows Mimotek to build tools that take full advantage of the high-quality PDF imaging model.

Structuriser iconThe company’s principle product (Mimotek Structuriser) was developed to extract articles from PDF newspaper pages, both as PDF clippings and as XML text. The same product can also be used to extract content from magazines, books and commercial documents.

The experience gained during the development of the Structuriser application, and the rich collection of code that that has been amassed, mean that Mimotek is well-placed to develop custom PDF applications to satisfy a wide range of requirements.

Mimotek believes in working closely with customers during the design stage of a project in order to ensure that the software is customised to suit each client’s particular needs.

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